Brimstone Blondes - AGE OF CONSENT // Stream or Buy HERE

1. "The Photographer" (2:16)

2. "Lithuania, PA" (4:08)

3. "Get Lifted!" (4:44)

4. "Social Smokers" (3:43)

5. "Alex's Inflammatory Gesture" (4:02)

6. "Afterparty" (4:19)

7. "Do U Wanna Make-Out??" (5:23)

released August 22, 2014

"Partying and making out, lusting for your friend's girl as if the Cars and Television were getting trashed together. Enjoy yourself and give AGE OF CONSENT a listen, and worry about everything you fucked up another day." - Spacerockmountain 

"This album will remind of you of getting drunk and dancing in a living room with your friends and being really happy and having a crush on someone." - Potluck Mag

"The triumph here for the band is that they’ve crafted an album that is weird and cheeky while remaining emotionally honest. Musically, it sounds like The Strokes and The Velvet Underground joined forces to start playing dance parties." buffaBLOG