Cooler - Phantom Phuzz | Stream and BUY HERE

1."Pave Age" 2:27

2. "Days" 3:39

3. "Metal Moths" 3:25

4. "Seltzer" 3:10

5. "Stimulus" 3:35

6. "Nostalgia" 4:08

"...specialize in pairing layers of fuzzy power chords with anthemic hooks, a special attention on harmonized vocals singing incredibly earnest lyrics. Listening to the track brought back memories of making mixtapes." - Joy of Violent Movement 

"Listening to the first seconds made me travel back into the past. Not that many years, but enough to feel what I felt back in the days several years ago when I went to those gigs in the old theater down the road, always having a good time with listening and dancing to good, old honest handmade music." - kmsmusicblog

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