M.A.G.S. - M.A.G.S. | Stream or Buy HERE

1. "Real Talk" 1:56

2. "Demon" 3:20

3. "My Love" 3:34

4. "Body" 3:32

5. "Drugs" 2:14

6. "Lt. Headed" 3:07

7. "MVP" 3:45

8.,"Mexico" 6:39

Full of Beach Boys’ syrupy sweet sunshine, M.A.G.S. “Drugs” feels like there’s quite a bit of a deeper darkness that lies underneath, that makes me wonder what was happening in those substance fueled nights where Dennis was hanging out with Charlie and the Family those dark nights in his valley mansion. - Pop Occulture

With its pop sucker-punches and old-school garage rock underbelly, “Mexico” is the perfect soundtrack for late night parties and road trips. You will be left singing at the top of your lungs. - PodCart