Buffalo Sex Change - Searching Hands | Stream and Buy HERE


1. "Searching Hands" 3:09

2. "Be My Girl" 2:30

3. "Creature" 2:40

4. "Teeth" 2:25

5. "No Cure" 2:51

6. "On The Lips" 2:15

7. "Ginnie" 2:24

8. "Schizophrenia" 2:04

9. "Strange Poison" 3:03

10. "No Brakes" 2:17

11. "Tomboy" 2:25

12. "Adultery" 1:35

“This slouchy summer single oozes cool from its dispassionate pores. It’s about love, like, real love, and it was written by a band that formed in the aftermath of a bar brawl… in Brooklyn. Buffalo Sex Change has that ultra-hip New York scenester vibe mixed in with some lofi surf sounds, but they pack in enough chutzpah to have us thinking they really might be able to take us in a fight and that it’s not all just pricey drinks and PR styling. “- YabYumWest