The Denzels - BLOW 7" // Stream and Buy HERE

1. "Blow" 4:24

2. "Self Talk"5:01

released  December 3, 2013

"Packed with breezy hooks, background “oohs” and warm, sweeping melodies, “Blow” is deceptively pleasant." - Bushwick Daily

"Their sound has been Real Estate-esque from the start, serving up straightforward, upbeat pop melodies that you can’t help but tap your feet to." - Audiofemme

The songs are absolutely pop at heart, with endearing hooks and jangly guitars, but there’s an edge that makes them emanate a New York kind of cool. The music is by no means a daunting or pretentious hipness, the tunes are astoundingly accessible with vintage elements from yesteryear. - We Listen Hear