M.A.G.S. - Cellophane EP // Stream or Buy HERE

1. "My Love" (3:44)

2. "Young" (3:14)

3. "Beehive" (3:37)

4. "Lay Low" (3:03)

5. "Bad Things" (4:42)

6. "California" (4:27)

released 21 February 2015

"Cellophane, as a whole, is the purest representation of Douglas’ ability to write hook after hook… after hook. Each of the expertly-arranged tracks brims with personality, whether it’s rhythm guitar played with the perfect amount of upstroke pep or a bass shred that digs deep to satisfy those low-end lovers. Sonically, the EP sits somewhere between the indie sugar-rush of Tokyo Police Club and the handsome riffage of The Strokes. Cellophane brings both a fun-loving contagion and quality musicianship into one, balanced package." - buffaBLOG