The Lagoonas - Welcome Home // Stream or Buy HERE

1. "Weird Friends" (3:05)

2. "Be My Life" (3:39)

3. "We're Floating" (2:35)

4. "It's My Wave" (2:18)

5. "Color Spectrum" (2:27)

6. "Beach Golf Course" (3:49)

7. "Addict" (2:52)

8. "Teenager" (3:36)

9. "Denim Boy" (3:14)

10. "King of the Cop Outs" (3:24)

11. "Welcome to My Heart" (4:58)

12. "It's My Soul" (4:35)

released 2 June 2015

"This explosively ‘roaring & soaring’ trio electrified my ear rocking module orbits with jolting musicianship exhibits of garage rock crunch, surf rock shines, alternative rock fuzz, indie pop rock bounce, rockabilly hip grooves and rock n’ roll roots swing." - Forkster Rocks

 "The Lagoonas’ method of improving an unpromising beginning by taking things up several notches results in a thrashy but tuneful garage-pop wriggler." - The Monitors

"(a) fiery basement punk gut-punch"- HeartBreaking Bravery

 "Between the catchy melody and lo-fi grit, garage rock feels alive and well here." - Alt Citizen