Sonny Baker - Steady Hands Dead Tired | Stream and Buy HERE

1. "Basic Interactions" 4:05

2. "Reluctant Thief" 5:01

3. "Comfortable" 3:45

4. "dead, shaking it" 5:41

5. "Stiff Bed" 4:19

6. "easier" 5:04

7. "steady hands, dead tired" 6:25

“Don’t let the late release date slide under your radar amidst all the end of year lists, because this is an energetic, at times furious, slice of indie rock. Single ‘Comfortable’ serves as a good taster, railing against the chains of routine and comfort zones, the frenetic tempo aiming to shock you from your tracks, scrub the grey film from your eyes.” - Various Small FIames